Student Opportunities

The Mountain Environments Research Institute currently offers Extended Education courses and study abroad opportunities through Western Washington University. Students can take courses in a variety of disciplines that provide opportunities to gain experience working in mountain environments through outdoor leadership development, climbing and mountaineering, field-based science, and international and local community development. 

Courses offered Fall 2017:

  • ESCI 439 Conservation of Biological Diversity - CORE


Other Student Opportunities

  • Travel, Research, and Educational Experience (TREE) Grants
    • The Association for Fire Ecology (AFE) has been awarded the privilege of administering the distribution of the Joint Fire Sciences Program (JFSP) TREE grant, which is designed to help students travel to present or otherwise perform outreach at conferences, symposia, and workshops related to wildland fire science and management. These grants of $250 to $1,500 will fund direct travel costs for transportation, lodging, registration fees, and printing or preparation of presentation materials.
    • All registered graduate students in good academic standing in a field related to wildland fire science, ecology, or management are eligible to apply for grants. Grants are limited and competitively awarded, with special preference for graduate students planning to deliver oral or poster presentations.
    • How to apply:
      • Applications are due 60 days before the start of the event; however, we have a special application deadline of October 20, 2017 for the upcoming Fire Congress. 
    • For more informatoin please visit:
  • Mt. Baker Snow School Instructor
    • Mt. Baker Snow School is an outdoor winter learning adventure for middle and high school students combining applied science education with snowshoe-powered exploration. While in the field, students and their teachers engage in research and hands-on learning around the themes of weather, watersheds, and climate. While at the mountain, instructors will support students in collecting real-world data-gathering through the lens of snowpack analysis, snow algae sampling protocols, snow/water equivalency and watershed health.
    • Mt. Baker Snow School instructors consist of undergraduate interns, graduate students and community volunteers. Instructors work alongside snow scientists from the Northwest Avalanche Center and Western Washington University to engage participants in an exploration of the winter environment.
    • Application deadline: November 13, 2017
      • To apply, please email a letter of recommendation, resume, and three references with current contact information to
      • For more information please contact Cody Hamblin, School Outreach Coordinator at the previously listed email or 360-854-2598