John All


John All, JD, PhD is a global explorer and geoscientist, specializing in climate change research in remote locations and is the Founding Director of the Mountain Environments Research Institute. A lifetime fellow of the Explorers Club in New York City and Fulbright Senior Scholar, All is also Executive Director of the American Climber Science Program, which brings together scientists from many disciplines, along with students and mountaineers, to expand global research at high altitudes. His work is broadly focused on fragile, indicator environments, in particular the world's highest mountains, where changing climate has profound consequences. He is an advocate for adaptive strategies to cope with changes now occurring and his research is focused on hard science that informs public discourse.  His research includes the impact of climate change on endangered species, on subsistence grazing, on fire, and on glacier particulates as they affect water supply. Dr. All works primarily in Peru and Nepal, but has led expeditions on five continents to extreme locations -- from deep caves to tropical rain forests; remote deserts to the great mountain ranges of Asia and South America.  Dr. All has successfully summited Mt. Everest, Denali, Artesonraju, Mt. Blanc de Tacul, Alpamayo, El Capitan, and hundreds of other mountains around the world.