Ingrid Aspen All Mountain Research Fund

In honor of Ingrid Aspen All, who's life of adventure was cut short before it began, WWU's Mountain Environments Research Institute is pleased to offer research awards to women who are enrolled in Western's Mountain Research Skills Certificate program.

The awards of up to $1,000 are available to help young female researchers conduct field research in mountain environments. Grantees are expected to produce a tangible product that communicates their results to the public. This can be a scientific paper, a documentary, etc.

Students who are participating in the Mountain Institute's annual summer class 'Mountain Science in the Peruvian Andes' are especially encouraged to apply. We establish this grant so that young female researchers can experience the dreams that Ingrid never got to have...

For more information, please contact John All at



Ingrid Aspen All Mountain Research Fund | Application Form Elements

The annual deadline for Ingrid Aspen All award is May 15.

  • Name, major, year, hometown
  • Why do you want to work in mountain environments
  • What are you career goals (job desires)
  • Project title
  • Project location
  • Two sentence description of your project
  • What is your product to communicate your results?
  • Who is it targeted towards and why?
  • Why is it the best product for communicating to them?
  • One page summary of project
  • On page resume